The Company F.LLI BORSANI was born in 1958 as a family business by Luigi Borsani, specialized in the craftsmanship of furniture. Since 1974 it has been transformed into F.LLI BORSANI, and, also taking advantage of the new generations, specializes in the creation of custom furniture and furnishings while maintaining the expression of the typical Brianza's craftsmanship.

In recent years, the management of the company is in the hands of the third generation of Borsani, Luca and Elia, contextually to the introduction of the first numerically controlled work centers that allow more flexible production management.


photo interior furniture factory


The company has consolidated knowledge in wood craftsmanship with technically complex solution, using specialized craftsmen who work in the creation of diversified and personalized products. In this case we deal with:

  • production of interior furnishings;

  • rooms for hotels;

  • kitchens, living rooms and wardrobes;

  • reception e counter;

  • furnishings for shops and showroom;


photo interior furniture factory


The company's business drivers point to a measurable quality of a product and diversify service that will satisfy the customer in a constant and dynamic search for solutions. For this reason, the joinery operates at all levels of processing so that it can supervise every stage of production, from design to installation, or:

  • consultancy and advice on project realization and solutions feasibility;

  • spot reliefs and sizing of furniture and commissioned works;

  • realization of 3D models by specialist parametric software;

  • production of the constituent parts of the furniture and their assembly;

  • transport and installation of the works realized.



photo interior furniture factory